International Association of Canine Professionals

Puppy Prep SchoolInternational Association of Canine Professionals

The IACP was established to develop and promote the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals. Founded by a small group of dedicated dog trainers, the IACP has grown to include professionals from every corner of the dog world.

Dog training by IACP members represents broad and diverse methodologies, each designed to help foster a healthy relationship with your pet.  This diversity of effective dog training methods, coupled with a strong professional network, allows members to draw from a vast experience pool.  Comprised of hundreds of skilled dog trainers, IACP professionals are dedicated to working together – helping responsible owners become better educated while training dogs so they may live healthier, happier lives with their families.  Our dog training professionals work with all breeds and ages, some in home and some at training facilities.  Everything from puppy house training to advanced canine obedience training is provided through our members.

Dog training is education for your pet, and starting early always provides the best results.  Dog training can help to prevent many common problem behaviors before they start, and it is often a core component of remediation for existing problems.  Early learning and socialization for puppies, followed by continuing education, is an investment in the relationship you share with your pet.  The cost associated with training a dog is an investment in a lifetime of joy and connection with your dog companion.  Once you experience life with a well behaved, happy, and respectful dog, you’ll find it hard to imagine life otherwise.  Our trainers are renowned for professionalism, results, and safe, effective teaching methods.  Dog training can help you and your pet live happier and healthier…and bond the two of you more strongly than you might imagine.